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Playable ads are our drive! Allowing customers to create HTML5 games on their own is what we strive to do.
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Best Practices of Crafting Impactful Playable Ads with Particle Effects

Playable ads have become the mobile strategy marketers are most excited about. Successful playables are inviting, interactive and fun. That is in a major part thanks to a smooth and appealing art-work. Visual art has a tremendous effect on how your game feels, and is the essence to evoking affection towards your brand.

A fresh feature for mobile ads are Particle effects: moving elements that together simulate any dynamic phenomenon you like. Every effect can be used in another way: Pre-made cloud effects can be swimming fish, coin effects can be falling products, ring of fire effect can serve as a glow. Options are infinite in justAd’s Creative Factory.

How to implement particles into your ad in a way they maximize your customer’s game experience? Here the best practices.


1) A Few Particles for a Quick Dive into the Game

Even though particles are there to impress, use them sparingly to keep your short game clear and simple. This enables the user to pick up the game rules and logic quickly. Already from just one particle, you can create lots of behaviors.  


2) Particles at the End to Emphasize Progress

Time your special effects for the end of the game. Have fireworks appear when the customer wins the game, for instance. In a surprising and spectacular way, you can underline the player’s success and make winning a fun and magical experience.


3) Particles as Eye Catcher and Guide

You can influence the user’s behavior with special effects. Particles can be used to fully draw the attention towards them. Give your user a hint to a call-to-action or distract him or her with an animation effect to create illusions.

This example shows how a vortex particle effect can reinforce a message when shining through a cut-out text of an image. The effect looks spaced out, conveys speed, arises curiosity and a sense of adventure.


4) Particles as Fore- or Background Elements for a Vivid Atmosphere

Particles set static environments into motion and give life to them. Place animation effects over static images or in the background to create special atmospheres.

This ad succeeds in letting the player dive into it by placing the game into an underwater world created through just a few particles. The background of the game is made out of pre-made cloud and bubble particle effects, installed through simple drag and drop. These particles transport the feeling of lightness, fun and that time doesn’t matter.

What is your experience? We welcome you to share your ideas!

Particles: For Ads with a WOW Effect

What makes a truly impressive ad? 

We are delighted to show you the newest widget in Creative Factory that gives your ad the X-Factor: Particle. It adds another dimension of user experience in offering amazing special effects. The Particle widget enables easy creation of jaw-dropping animations while keeping your ad light as a feather.  

Multiple Uses

Particles bring a refreshing burst of energy to any ad, at any layer. They can create a striking effect above a static image, like a smoke effect in a fire place, and easily bring the entire creative to life. Even as a background effect, Particles can be extremely helpful. Think of simulating an aquarium with swimming fish and floating bubbles in no-time. Particles can also throw that great punch at the end of an ad with fireworks blowing up across the screen.

Maximum Customization Options

The Particle widget comes with numerous pre-existing effects and allows you full flexibility of customizing any parameter. Replace the default particles with your own images at any chosen number, speed, direction or shape they will move in. Check out how to configure Particles in Creative Factory. Go and blow some minds away!



JustAd launches Game Zone playable ad platform

JustAd is launching its fully customizable “playable ad” Game Zone platform for mobile game developers and publishers.

With such ads, players can tap on a mobile ad, and it will take the player directly into playing a version of the game. While others have launched other playable ad platforms, Tel Aviv, Israel-based JustAd contends that its solution enables easy self-service.

Game Zone allows for the individualization of module-based gaming ads. But the person creating the ad doesn’t need to know any coding, according to JustAd. Game Zone is targeted at game developers, ad agencies, demand-side platforms, and ad networks. It lets them personalize module-based gaming ads without writing a single line of code.

“Deeply customized gaming ads have always required an immense amount of time and resources to create, but they are in high demand because they are effective for marketers and fun for users,” said Yariv Erel, cofounder and CEO at JustAd, in a statement. “Game Zone represents a first in our industry — a free, scalable opportunity to create real games, with logic and stages, that can be played within any ad opportunity.”

Playable ads, or ads displaying a mini game, have been shown to drive far higher levels of engagement and better ad recall among mobile users. Over more than 100 playable ad campaigns, JustAd has observed playable ads driving engagement rates averaging 50 clicks per ad, versus standard rich media ads that average approximately 3.5 clicks per ad.

Above: JustAd’s playable ad

Playable ads also delivered better lifetime value (LTV) and nearly double average revenue per install (ARPI)

Game Zone is launching with 15 game modules (including Match-3, pool, slots, memory, maze, brick breaker, racing and more). Game Zone allows deep customization of branded games, including unique call to action features and a customized game engine to fit both user acquisition and branding purposes. The platform is housed within justAd’s larger drag-and-drop mobile ad studio, Creative Factory. Ultimately, JustAd plans to offer up to 100 types of customizable games for users to develop.

“A customizable playable ad platform has heretofore not existed because it is extremely challenging to create,” added Erel. “Our team spent months developing Game Zone because it delivers much better results, people simply love it and it’s a very tough tech challenge. We think it will change the mobile advertising landscape for the better.”

Game Zone’s technology is based on HTML5. Playable ads created in Game Zone are available in both ZIP file and standard HTML/IAB/MRAID tag. Event-based reporting and heat map reporting are available by default for any ad.

Among the rivals are 1app.com, mNectar, and Chartboost. In an email, Erel said, “We think that playable ads is just starting to get notice like the Google announcement at the Game Developers Conference. We see massive demand for it from all parties.”

He also said, “Our full digital ad platform (Creative Factory) has been trusted to create digital ads for brands like Nike, Hasbro, Pixar, Microsoft, Ford, and countless others, worldwide via their media agencies and ad networks since 2014.”

By Dean Takahashi

Read the article in VentureBeat

Standardization Thoughts


A quick take on the recent IAB new standard ad unit portfolio

Ad blocking is the heatedly discussed topic in digital media as to the rising numbers of users enabling ad blockers year after year. To urge users to stop blocking ads, iab recently published a standard portfolio draft on digital ads. It suggests brands and publishers to stick to particular ad sizes and functionalities. In that way they make ads less invasive and give users more control, one of the main goals of the standard portfolio.

Such a standard is a great step forward in reaching these goals! Just take the points about creating animations relevant to the ad message or parameters for a good quality 3D 360 video.

The report also makes limitations. And limitations are great for reducing intruding ads eventually. At the same time, limiting ad sizes, autoplay options for videos or durations of animations can also stand in the way of creativity.

When setting out to define rules for reducing ad blocking, it is all about finding the balance between the advertiser’s need to innovate and gain attention and the user experience that should be fast, smooth and joyful. While giving priority to the users’ control over the content, reconsider how it can be done best for enriching ads to reach users.

We serve marketers and as such we allow for multiple of tools to create engaging content. We also allow multiple checkpoints to make sure user experience is kept. The new suggested rules by iab are a great start that we support. It’s an open question at this time in how far these will be adopted.


Chatbots, 360° Instant Play & VR to be launched as mobile ad units at DMEXCO + Discover a secret already today

We love unlocking creativity with our tech. At dmexco 2016, justAd will introduce new rich media features that deepen the mobile ad experience: Chatbots, Virtual Reality, and 360° Instant Play. Get to know a secret from justAd’s Chatbot already today! Also, join the public presentation on why boosting creativity will remain the key to success within a growing programmatic ad business.

When did you really chat with your ad?

The Chatbot is justAd’s newest feature and gives an ad a truly human feel. Actually, it got a greater sense of humor than most people have. Get a first glimpse of this new wave of mobile ads by clicking here. You can chat with this bot on whatever subject you want. Advertising, rich media, ad blocking, and justAd are its favorite topics. As a valued journalist, if you enter HUSH HUSH to this bot, you will unlock a secret surprise.

Plus, justAd proudly presents 360° Instant Play and virtual reality ads. How cool it is to move the phone around and to see content behind the screen moving in its natural way. This is a new and fresh experience, and is easily accessible without additional gadgets.

Besides, feel the impact of the vertical videos, and engage in the location and playable ads that are already valuable parts of the justAd Studio repertoire.

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justAd at dmexco 2016 – Let’s meet!

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As the market increasingly focuses on programmatic and efficiency, creativity is pushed aside. Let’s put your mobile creative strategy on the table and sketch an optimal approach for you. One size does NOT fit all. @ dmexco, justAd will showcase an ensemble of creative solutions: From an automatic creative suite to a drag and drop authoring platform that anyone can use, up to an advanced API for avid coders to create ads exactly the way they define them.


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All of us in the hectic LUMA landscape are in a constant cycle of automating and optimizing everything we do. In this talk we will discuss the role of creativity and how it is getting left out more and more. We will show that today creativity with the help of technology can be an integral part of the modern ad tech. In essence we will talk about the Ad in Ad-tech. To follow the talk, here is the where and when:

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