justAd is a pure play tech provider that offers brands, agencies, ad-tech companies and publishers an array of automated and self-service tools to create, deliver and track mobile first rich media ads.
Playable ads are our drive! Allowing customers to create HTML5 games on their own is what we strive to do.
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What We Do

justAd is a creative technology company offering an ensemble of creative products that all aim to empower our users in manifesting creativity and encouraging engagement to improve results.
Our flagship product, Creative Factory, is a sophisticated self-service platform for creating any ad format or creative concept with no coding knowledge. Creative Factory is the second generation of our rich media solutions and aims to be the best available platform.

Engaging Ads

We do engaging ads! They avoid banner blindness, create desire and naturally increase the intend to buy. Although any marketer would like to offer engaging ads, it takes much time to create them, complex steps to serve them as well as high overall costs.
At justAd, we focus on smoothing away all the above restraints. By providing an ensemble of creative technologies from API to high end-coders via drag and drop interfaces for designers to simplified wizards for media professionals, we allow any ad to be engaging. Period.

Full Creative Stack

What does a full creative stack mean? Well, it means anything you need in order run creative campaigns at scale. We offer the editing / authoring tools, serving platform and the analytics for each ad and campaign.
Our tags are officially certified across all major media outlets, ad servers, SSPs and exchanges. We support both mobile web and in-app that work across all major devices and OSs.

Selected Features

Dynamic Creatives

Personalize each creative for every single user according to environmental parameters and 3rd party data

Gestures & Accelerometer

Tap, Swipe, Scratch, Long Press, Tilt, Pinch, and Shake the device to trigger any action

Heat Maps

The best way to analyze a multi-page interactive user experience in a visual way


Outstream, Interactive, Vertical, VAST / VPAID converters, Youtube, Cross-Device / OS Instant Play


Complex and customizable dialogs


Compare the ad performance against others, based on multiple parameters

Games & Logic

Readymade games and gamification building blocks to create branded games

360° Instant Play & VR

All-surrounding video, free movement, choose viewpoints

1st and 3rd-Party Tracking

Track an event using a 3rd-party or internal trackers

Location Sensitive

Map, Direction, Distance, customize look and feel

Camera & Store Pictures

Take a selfie, add overlays, share to all social networks or save locally

Firehose Data Integration

Our data in your dashboard

Responsive & Cross-Screen

Change between devices, screen sizes and device orientations

Galleries & Effects

360, Carousels, 3D, Stacks, Flip, Cube, Zoom, Animations and more

Unit Agnostic

Banners, Expendables, Interstitials, Hovers, IAB Rising Stars, Scroller Base and any custom format you can think of

Investing in Innovation Pays off

And that’s exactly what we are doing. Dare us, challenge us to see if we can make your ad more engaging. That’s what makes us tick.

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