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justAd allows mobile marketers, brands and agencies to communicate better with their audiences.

We do it by allowing marketers to create and serve rich media creatives for all mobile devices across all media supply platforms.

No SDK is needed and no special plugin. Simply create and serve anywhere.

If you sell ads as [a]:
Premium publisher, premium game developer, Ad Network, DSP or an agency. We can boost your results.

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“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.”

Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola



Move, Fly, Fade and more. Triggers, Actions and Timing.

Call to action

tap, wipe, shake, tilt, pinch, long press, call & SMS


The art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. With our build in Font Manager you give your website the final touch.


Native video streaming, YouTube, Video Strip, Interactive Videos creation environment.


Map, Direction, Distance, Custom look and feel.


Use device accelerometer to control other objects properties.


Add selfie capabilities share to all social networks.


Standard, 360, Carousels, Advanced picture change effects, Lightbox

Store picture

Store selfies, pictures, cupones or any other user imagery on the local device gallery.


Add events and reminders to customer device calendars.

Games & Logic

Use readymade games or use gamification building blocks to create branded games.


Use vector shapes to save ad size.

Lead Generation

Capture data, validate data, send connect to your CRM.


Flip, slide, cube, zoom page in, 3D effects.


Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, instagram, Xing

Dynamic creatives

change the ad creative on the fly based on 3rd party data

Dynamic resources

change resources on the fly dynamically from external servers 3rd party servers


Contain, Cover, Background images.


PC environment to emulate mobile devices.


Rich media oriented native stats and dashboard, Add any 3rd party pixel you want. Heatmaps to visualize user behavior data are available for any ad.


create your own or use a large ready made selection.

Rising stars

Create any rising stars and regular standard IAB or MMA ad units


Native rich media ad unit.

Responsive ads

Change creative between different screens orientations.


% of ads were created at self-service


rich media features 


% CTR record 


RFP winner

going after a large account? need a great way to tell the story? justAd Studio is the best way to win campaigns if you need dedicated sales toolkit , custom videos and more. Nothing a mobile device can do and supported across mobile web or in-app that the justAd Studio can’t achieve.

User acquisition

large app publishers use the justAd platform to acquire new users at a fraction of the cost of regular affiliate networks. How do they do it? By native “out of banner”, innovative ad formats and integration of display, animation, video and other device capabilities.

@ scale

if you run a large sales house and have many sales representatives we offer you a way to create amend and modify customised pre-defined effective units. The time from selling the campaigns to running it, is time to send an email with assets, links and IO an email away.


We are certified with all leading SSPs, mediated platforms and Ad Servers. You can create your ad and serve it anywhere. New media supply sources and ad servers certification is continuously done.

Managed Services

Understaffed? Looking for a quick start? If you want we can provide a full end to end service to allow you to focus only on what you need or what you do best.

2nd hand trafficking

We proactively monitor campaigns to find irregularities.

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