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The justAd Self Service Platform Has Many Features that Can Help you Create and Distribute Rich Media Mobile Ads.  We Can Cut the Time it Needs and the Manpower Required to Make these Ads Come to Life!  It Just Takes 2 Clicks to Get Started Now

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justAd Studio is Being Used by Fortune 100 Brand & Publishers to Create Rich Media IAB Standard & Bespoke Ad Units

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Who Can Work With Us?


justAd Studio has proved very popular for agencies, ad networks, DSPs, ATDs and premium publishers. Basically anyone who creates ads and works for/with brands.

The great thing is that the ‘Open Canvas’ mode in the justAd Studio facilitates maximum freedom and creativity. Pre-defined templates or ‘Products’ as we often call them help reduce production costs.


What Do We Offer?


justAd offers many features and services

1. Self service mobile rich media creation platform; pre certified everywhere.

2. Self service is not for you? No problem we can help in the Ad Production as well. We have a team of designers who can help you with your creative needs.

3. Trafficking mobile rich media freaking you out? Again, no problem for us! We can provide first or second hand trafficking for you.

justAd Overview: Rich-Media Mobile Advertising


Where Can the Ads be Displayed?


Once your ad has been created, an HTML or IAB MRAID tag is generated. The tag is then served and displayed by third-party ad servers and RTBs.

justAd Studio ads run on: Google, Facebook, Millenial, Smaato, Mopub, Nexage, Rubicon, Freewheel, Mocean, OpenX to name some. Contact us for more information and guidance with your campaign.




Mobile is Everything



Founded in 2009, justAd develops the leading self service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ad campaigns for mobile and tablet devices, without the need for custom coding, server-certification nor testing.

justAd Studio, the company’s ad production platform for the creation of IAB standard and bespoke ad units, is being used by hundreds of advertising professionals around the world – from DSPs, mobile ad networks and full service agencies to SSPs, mobile publishers and web publishers. In 2014 alone, customers created more than 200 ad campaigns using justAd Studio – 80% of those were totally self-serviced.

Headquarters in Tel Aviv, with a sales office in NYC, justAd serves clients across five continents in over 30 countries, generating hundreds of millions of ad impressions a month.

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